Никогда не сдавайся

Цитаты из фильма Никогда не сдавайся (2008) на английском

Оригинальное название: Never Back Down
«Win or Lose... Everyone Has Their Fight»
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It's on you, always has been, always will be.
Never give up, never back down!
If you gonna be the best, you have to take out the best
Jake Tyler: [stopping in front of sports car] Is this your car?
Max Cooperman: No.
[he kisses roof]
Max Cooperman: It's my baby
- You're looking shit...
- Don't insult shit.
- I'm gonna stop this guy, win, lose... it makes no difference, it ends tonight. This is my fight. Everyone's got one...
- Enjoy the floor.
- I don't want to lie about this.
- I'm not going to ask you to.
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