Цитаты из фильмов на английском

- Are you all right?
- I'm okey. I'm just.. i'm very naked right now.
- What happened to your face? It's filthy.
- It is?
- Yes.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, I was cleaning the chimney.
-We have no chimney.
- Wha-a-at?
To be frank, I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it - but, I will say: he certainly sustained the illusion with a marvelous grace!
- You're still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect.
Sam Wilson: How do we tell the good guys from the bad guys?
Steve Rogers: If they're shooting at you, they're bad!
- Well, why don't you ask her?
- Because I'm already dating someone.
- Yeah, your right hand doesn't count, Miles.
- It does the way I use it.