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- You think you can beat the system? This is the system, beating you back.
If you gonna be the best, you have to take out the best
- It's the most popular card game in the world. It's a game with memory. Cards drawn are the past, ones to come are future... And the best part, it's beatable.
- Are you talking about counting cards?
- No. I'm talking about getting very, very rich.
Natasha Romanoff: You do anything fun Saturday night?
Steve Rogers: Well, all the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead. So no, not really.
M. Gustave0: I must say, I find that girl utterly delightful. Flat as a board, enormous birthmark the shape of Mexico over half her face, sweating for hours on end in that sweltering kitchen, while Mendl, genius though he is, looms over her like a hulking gorilla. Yet without question, without fail, always and invariably, she's exceedingly lovely.
M. Gustave:
Keep your hands off my lobby boy!
- Oh my gosh! How do you know Mike Shiner?
- We share a vagina.
Sometimes, the truth doesn't matter like it ought. But you'll always remember things right.
My name is Oliver Queen...
My name is Barry Allen...
Hi I Ray!
Five minutes before that, I saw a woman enter. She's 70 years old. She said you went in after her, and she doesn't have Alzheimer's, if you're wondering.