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- ...ask yourself if that corpse of a slut is worth dying for.
- Worth dying for. Worth killing for. Worth going to hell for. Amen.
Gwen Stacy: You're Spider-Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more.
- Every night after dinner, my father and I would play. I knew basic strategy before I was, like, nine years old. If I won, he'd take me out for ice cream.
- And what if he won?
- He'd still take me out for ice cream.
- You're looking shit...
- Don't insult shit.
- How's she doing?
- Oh, that doesn't matter, man. The way I see it, yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery. It's all what you do in the moment, baby.
- We're counting cards, we're not gambling. We're following a specific set of rules and playing a system.
- Right.
- I've seen how crazy it can get at those tables, and sometimes, people lose control. They give in to their emotions. You will not.
Lydia: Selfish people live longer.
Sebastian Smythe the Draco Malfoy of Glee.
Sam Wilson: You're a lot heavier than you look.
Steve Rogers: I had a big breakfast.