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Deadly little Miho.
You won't feel a thing unless she wants you to.
She twists the blade.
He feels it.
Sebastian Smythe the Draco Malfoy of Glee.
- You see, Ben, amazing things can happen from the inside.
- We're counting cards, we're not gambling. We're following a specific set of rules and playing a system.
- Right.
- I've seen how crazy it can get at those tables, and sometimes, people lose control. They give in to their emotions. You will not.
- You think you can beat the system? This is the system, beating you back.
Natasha Romanoff: Bye bye, bikinis
Steve Rogers: Yeah, I bet you look terrible in them now.
It's always best to go out when you're on top.
Choose now before it's too late.
Natasha Romanoff: You do anything fun Saturday night?
Steve Rogers: Well, all the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead. So no, not really.