Цитаты из фильма Ной (2014) на английском

Оригинальное название: Noah
«Конец — это только начало»
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-I have men at my back, and you stand alone and defy me?
-I'm not alone.
Ila: This is the end of everything.
Noah: The beginning. The beginning of everything.
Naameh: Did He speak to you?
Noah: I think so.
Naameh: Will He help us?
Noah: He's going to destroy the Earth.
Lamech: From Adam to Seth, Seth to Enosh, Enosh to Kenan, Kenan to Mahalalel to my father, Methuselah, then to me. Today, that birthright passes to you, Noah. My son.
Noah: Ham. What are you doing?
Young Ham: It's pretty.
Noah: You see those other flowers? How they're attached to the ground? That's where they should be. They have a purpose. The sprout. And they bloom. The wind takes their seeds and more flowers grow. We only collect what we can use, and what we need. Do you understand?
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